Inventory and Evaluation of Clinical Research Networks
The Inventory and Evaluation of Clinical Research Networks (IECRN) is funded by the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research and provides profiles of clinical research networks. The network profiles are summaries of descriptive information about the networks, such as types of studies, funding source, participating entities and special populations.

Electronic Primary Care Research Network (ePCRN)
The electronic Primary Care Research Network (ePCRN), allows primary care practices to link with researchers conducting clinical research anywhere in the United States. This program is funded by the Roadmap Initiative of the National Institutes of Health, and administered by the Federation of Practice Based Research Networks (FPBRN). Integrating basic and clinical research, the ePCRN is one of the most promising infrastructure developments in primary care.

The Federation of Practice-Based Research Networks (FPBRN)
Established in November 1997, this site promotes the growth and development of clinical investigation in practice settings in primary care medicine.

North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG)
This is the site to get information on Primary Care Research. It is an organization of mostly American and Canadian researchers. There are many helpful articles and links.

Family Practice Inquiries Network (FPIN)
The mission of the FPIN is to be able to answer 80% of practicing clinicians questions with an evidence-based answer in 60 seconds. They are also collaborating with practicing physicians on what are the questions they have so as to set a future research agenda on issues pertinent to Primary Care Physicians.

The Patient Safety Research Center
Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in patient safety in the various domains of healthcare by applying system-safety science, systems-engineering principles and systems-management strategies for building adaptive learning practices with self-empowered teams providing care with highest professionalism and integrity



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